We are Alberta Pulse Growers.

Based in Leduc, Alberta Pulse Growers Commission is a non-profit organization that supports over 6,000 Alberta farmers who grow pulses, including dried peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans and faba beans. Through a refundable levy based on 0.75 per cent of the cash sale on pulse crops sold in the province, Alberta Pulse Growers conducts research, administrative, marketing, and extension activities on behalf of our members.

With five zones, nine staff, and a farmer-elected Board of 12 Directors, Alberta Pulse Growers promotes the benefits of including pulses in a sustainable crop rotation and in a healthy diet through research and marketing initiatives, all in an effort to increase the sustainability and profitability of pulse production in Alberta.

Pulses are good — for you and for Alberta farms — and we work hard to make sure you think so too.

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